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As a gentleman who is conscious of my appearance, I have tried many hair, beard, body, and fragrances that are marketed towards men.  Gels, creams, pomades. You name it, and I have tried it.  What did I like? Honestly, not too much.  What did I learn? A lot. Why? How is this possible? Well, let me explain.


Often, I found myself buying the same product under a different label.  Furthermore, I was completely disconnected from the company in the buying process.  I had no loyalty, no direction, only a bathroom cabinet full of products I didn’t like.  Simply put, I was tired of trying and spending money on expensive ‘me too’ products from big name companies.  These products didn’t provide a good hold, didn’t smell pleasant, were difficult to wash out, and simply didn’t offer a good look.  Nothing was new or different.  Nothing captured me.


Fast forward a small period in time and I became fortunate enough to own a salon and spa for men; Men’s Den, Inc. A Fine Salon & Spa for Gentlemen.  Often, many gentlemen who purchased hair or beard care products at Men’s Den, Inc. felt the same way I did.  I could see it, hear it, and most importantly I could feel it.  I could see the gap.  They were feeling the same frustrations I had in the past.  


Fortunate to have surrounded myself with extremely intelligent and talented individuals, we hit the drawing board.  The vision was simple.  Create not a product line rather a line of products for hair, beard, and body that created _________ for the modern gentleman.  After nearly 2 years of research and development to ensure our products were perfect, we are excited to introduce Speakeasy Brand, Fine Grooming for Gentlemen.


Speakeasy Brand is cosmetologist formulated and is used by professionals on clients every day.  We have created a foundation built on client feedback in order to improve.  We simply didn’t slap a label on a product and call it ours.  Rather, our products were built from the ground up with the assistance of you, our clients.  Additionally, we wanted Speakeasy Brand to be unique and add additional value.  This has been accomplished with pheromone infusion.  Speakeasy Brand is a line of products that is multilayered and that will continue to evolve as gentlemen evolve.  


Speakeasy Brand was created to fill the gaps that other product manufacturers created.  It was created to support gentlemen to ______________.  It was created to build a sense of community. It was created so that your voice may be heard.  See, Speakeasy Brand is an innovative world class hair, beard, and body brand but it is also much more.  Speakeasy Brand is a lifestyle.  We invite you to the Speakeasy Brand lifestyle and to travel the journey that awaits.


Speakeasy Brand is the end result of a vision that we poured our hearts and souls into.  We are proud of what we have developed to close the gap.  However, we will never stop evolving or growing.  Quite simply, if we did, we would be failing you, our valued clients.  This is our commitment to you.  As you strive for greatness every day, so shall we.  You, the client, are our inspiration.

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Speakeasy Brand

Speakeasy Brand

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