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Gentlemen, welcome to Speakeasy Brand created by Men's Den, Inc. We recognize one very simple concept: when we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we perform our best.  Speakeasy Brand has created a diverse line of the best hair products for men in order for them to perform, feel, and look their best.

Gentlemen desire flexible hair products that can evolve as their needs and style evolves. Speakeasy Brand's men's hair products complement gentlemen in supporting their evolving style through delivering innovative products that are set to grow as they grow.

Speakeasy Brand's products are Cosmetologist formulated and are designed to fit a wide variety of men's hair types and styling preferences. Our products offer flexibility and vary from the level of shine and hold which offers gentlemen the ability to choose what works best for them.

Speakeasy Brand hair products for men are available in two amazing fragrances: Debonair and Old Sport.

Debonair is a fragrance that possesses a pheromone blend with notes of sweet orange citrus, warm cinnamon spice, woodsy floral musk, hints of mint, and patchouli. Debonair is the charisma of walking into a gathering and instantly becoming the life of the party.  The Debonair gentleman breeds fun, excitement, and charm.

Old Sport is a fragrance that possesses a pheromone blend with notes of bitter citrus, spicy floral, woodsy musk, hints of peppery mint, sweet herbs, green fields, and patchouli.  The Old Sport gentleman is no man truer than himself.  He is chivalrous, secure, exudes mystery, and self-confidence with absolutely no limitations.

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