• Gentlemen, welcome to Speakeasy Brand created by Men's Den, Inc. We recognize one very simple concept: when we look good, we feel good. When we feel good, we perform our best.  Speakeasy Brand has created a diverse line of the best hair products for men in order for them to perform, feel, and look their best.

    Speakeasy Brand has developed an innovative line of beard care products for the modern beards man.  Our products are loaded with unique blends of essential oils that are not only moisturizing for the skin and beard but will also assist in keeping the skin and beard healthy.

    Speakeasy Brand's beard care line of products are available in two signature scents: Debonair and Old Sport.

    Debonair is a fragrance that possesses a pheromone blend with notes of sweet orange citrus, warm cinnamon spice, woodsy floral musk, hints of mint, and patchouli. Debonair is the charisma of walking into a gathering and instantly becoming the life of the party.  The Debonair gentleman breeds fun, excitement, and charm.

    Old Sport is a fragrance that possesses a pheromone blend with notes of bitter citrus, spicy floral, woodsy musk, hints of peppery mint, sweet herbs, green fields, and patchouli.  The Old Sport gentleman is no man truer than himself.  He is chivalrous, secure, exudes mystery, and self-confidence with absolutely no limitations.

  • Beard Butter

    Speakeasyn Brand Old Sport Frangrance Beard Butter product for men's beards

    Beard Butter by Speakeasy Brand is a jack of all trades beard care product for the modern beards man.  Beard Butter is a deep conditioning beard softening product that adds volume and leaves the beard looking thicker and fuller.  Beard Butter contains shea butter that moisturizes the skin as well as essential oils that provide antiseptic benefits to the skin and beard hair.  Beard Butter adds a slight pliability for styling.  Beard Butter reduces beard itch and reduces beard dandruff.

    Beard Butter is available in both of Speakeasy Brand's signature fragrances: Debonair and Old Sport.

    Scratch a thumbnail amount of Beard Butter and apply to the face and beard.  Work Beard Butter to the root of the hair to the tip of the hair.  For best results brush product in with a bore brush and style as desired.

  • Beard Slick

    Speakeasy Brands Old Sport Frangrance Beard Oil

    Speakeasy Brand's Beard Slick is a staple in every beards men's beard care regimen.  Our revolutionary Beard Slick is loaded with essential oils that moisturize, hydrate, cleanse, soothe, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy beard growth.  Beard Slick softens the beard, reduces beard itch, reduces beard dandruff, and assists in taming beard hair and also helps the beard look fuller, thicker, and healthier. Beard Slick is also an excellent product that can be used in combination with Speakeasy Brand's Beard Butter and Beard Wax.

    Beard Slick is available in both of Speakeasy Brand's signature scents: Debonair and Old Sport.


    Apply 3-4 drops of Beard Slick to the palm of your hand.  Rub hands together and apply evenly to the beard working from the hair root to the tip. Apply early and often throughout the day for maximal hydration benefits. 

  • Beard Wax

    Speakeaqsy Brands Old Sport Beard Wax beard styling product

    Speakeasy Brand's Beard Wax is a product designed for the modern beards man who craves style. Our Beard Wax tames pesky flyaways and keeps facial hair neatly styled and sculpted while adding a medium hold. Beard Wax also protects the beard from exterior harsh elements. Beard Wax is great for all beard textures as well as beard lengths.    

    Beard Wax is available in both of Speakeasy Brand's signature scents: Debonair and Old Sport.

    Apply a thumbnail amount and rub between hands.  Work the Beard Wax from the hair root to the hair tip. Style and sculpt as desired.

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