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Men's Den, Inc. takes a lot of pride in the surrounding community and believe it is important to give back. We have been fortunate to partner with Invisible Vets which is an organization that supports homeless Veterans in our community.

Please stay tuned as Men's Den, Inc. will have many events to support this amazing organization throughout the calendar year.

Logo of 501c3 organization Invisible Vets who assist veterans in need

Invisible Vets mission is to give DIGNITY back to our Homeless Heroes, serve Veterans in need and families touched by Veteran suicide. Invisible Vets provides a few basic necessities of life that most of us take for granted every day. Invisible Vets goal is not to just hand over a ‘Dignity Bag’ and drive away, but to spend some time in fellowship with each Hero. Invisible Vets also provide flags for the Fallen, assist during holidays and partner with many Veteran organizations serving the Veteran community. Invisible Vets currently serve Allen and the surrounding 11 counties but have served homeless veterans in Michigan, New York, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois as well.


Jim Garigen, Founder of Invisible Vets, who is a Veteran himself, understands the commitment, sacrifice, patriotism, and selflessness that is at the core of every man and woman that has worn our nations uniform. Jim Garigen states, “There is NO reason that when our Heroes time of service to our country is over that they should find themselves on the streets. If you ask the question, WANT to hear the answer!! One is too many…Invisible Vets may not be able to provide homes, jobs or stability to every homeless Veteran, but we can certainly meet them where they are and give them a bit of our time. For those of you that fully understand, a Veteran sacrificed family time, civilian job security, personal safety, day to day normalcy and in many cases their health/lives just so we all can enjoy those things daily, I personally ask the community to join Invisible Vets and Men’s Den, Inc. in helping us to give back to the Veterans in need.”


Jim Garigen, founder of Invisible Vets can be contacted at:, phone: (260) 440-1779.

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