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What is Body Exfoliation?

Body Exfoliation is a service that is conducted in a private setting. The service is very relaxing and has numerous health benefits such as stress reduction, increasing blood flow through the circulatory system as well as stimulating collagen production. Throughout the service, dull skin cells are gently scrubbed away which accelerates the skin rejuvenation process. In addition, a moisturizing agent is used to create a more youthful and elastic skin texture.


What should I expect during my Body Exfoliation service?

The Body Exfoliation professionals at Men’s Den, Inc. will escort you into a private room and conduct an in-depth consultation in order to uncover your goals or any contraindications you may have.  


  • Step 1- Undress

  • Step 2- Get exfoliated

  • Step 3- Rinse off

  • Step 4- Get moisturized


What are the benefits of Body Exfoliation?

The Body Exfoliation services at Men’s Den, Inc. have many benefits both to the skin and the body as a whole. Benefits include stress reduction, increased blood flow, softer skin, healthy skin complexion, toxin removal, healthy cell rejuvenation, and the stimulation of collagen production.


Is Body Exfoliation a massage?

No, Body Exfoliation is not a massage. However, a Body Exfoliation service is very relaxing, reduces stress, and has its own benefits to the circulatory system and skin.

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