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Men can benefit from massage in a variety of ways, from pain management and pain relief to overall balanced mind and body relaxation. In this article, we will define the difference between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissues Massage, as well as Sports Massage and how each can address specific areas of concern based on client needs. We will discuss benefits of each type of massage as well as who is a prime candidate for each massage. In addition, we will also explain the differences between the Pfrimmer Deep Tissue technique versus regular Deep Tissue Massage technique and how it aided in the creator’s recovery from paralysis.

Learning information related to different massage techniques can assist in choosing the massage service that will not only address your specific health and wellness goals but will also help you to know which style of men’s massage will best suit your preferences as well as your needs.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is one of the most popular forms of massage as it’s all about the three “R’s:” rest, rejuvenation, and relaxation. This massage style emphasizes long strokes up the muscle tissue and muscle fibers working in the same direction that the blood flows. Swedish Massage tends to be slightly softer than Deep Tissue Massage and creates friction motion through kneading to help improve circulation in the body. As noted above, Swedish Massage is very relaxing and can be a positive factor for mental health as well due to its stress relieving qualities.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is known to help circulation and blood flow while also alleviating muscle tension. It helps with flexibility and stretches ligaments that may be overly tight as well as reduce stress which will calm the body and mind.

Who Is a Prime Candidate For Swedish Massage?

  • Men who struggle with tight muscles due to exercise or computer activity.

  • Men looking for relaxation.

  • Men who are prone to pain or sensitivity in their muscles, as this is a gentler form of a massage.

  • Men looking to increase their circulation and blood flow.

What Should You Expect at Your Swedish Massage Appointment?

When presenting for a Swedish Massage, you will begin with a very important consultation. The consultation is your time to discuss any injuries you may have as well as specific areas you want treated. Post consultation, clients will then be taken to a massage room, and asked to disrobe, leaving your underwear on. This is recommended so that the Massage Therapist can work on your core and outer hip areas which may be a point of emphasis. Swedish Massages are usually 60 minutes in length.

Generally, your Massage Therapist will ask you to lay down on your back, but it may vary due to the Massage Therapist’s treatment intention based on the consultation. Next, your Massage Therapist will start by massaging your back and neck with some warm oils or lotion. The Massage Therapist will then massage your legs, arms, hands, and feet. Often, a Swedish Massage ends with a scalp or head massage, which is perfect for stress relief and overall relaxation, as we hold a lot of our stress in our jaw which can lead to tension headaches. When the massage is over, your Massage Therapist will leave the room and you can get dressed and exit the massage room, feeling refreshed and relaxed.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a massage technique that focuses on pain management. The Massage Therapist treats the connective tissue of your body and muscles. It’s a technique that is mainly thought of as a treatment for musculoskeletal issues. The Massage Therapist will apply strong, sustained, and deep pressures to the inner layers of your muscles.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage helps the body recover from muscle strains and sports injuries, such as tennis elbow, and helps to alleviate chronic pain such as is common in the lower back, shoulders, and neck.

Who Is A Prime Candidate For Deep Tissue Massage?

  • Men who have had previous injuries, such as a ‘bad knee’ or a ‘tennis elbow’

  • Men looking to lower their high blood pressure

  • Men who suffer from chronic pain such as plantar fasciitis, sciatica, back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain.

What Should You Expect at Your Deep Tissue Massage Appointment?

Communication is key! The session will begin with a consultation in order to learn about your problem areas and what is the cause of the pain. After the consultation, the Massage Therapist will design a Deep Tissue Massage to meet your physical needs. A big difference between Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue is that with specific repetitive deep tissue massage is often the key to unlocking much needed and desired pain relief where Swedish Massage is more focused on relaxing the body.

Deep Tissue massage services are either 60 or 90 minutes long and it’s recommended you begin with 60 minutes if it is your first Deep Tissue Massage. Clients can receive a total body massage or an area-specific Deep Tissue Massage as is common when clients present with sciatica or chronic back pain. Clients will be asked to go under a sheet on the massage table either face up or face down. At the beginning of the massage, the Massage Therapist will have a softer and gentler pressure on your muscles but as they work towards the deep tissue it will become stronger. They will use the kneading technique as well as long strokes that vary on intercity depending on your problem areas and physical needs. It is common to feel slightly sore the next day after a Deep Tissue Massage and it is very important to drink water.

Clients may experience a relief in pain after the first massage session. However, some chronic pain conditions may require multiple sessions for men to experience a relief in pain. Also, some conditions may require consistent massage to improve quality of life.

What is Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy?

The Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy technique is often associated with Deep Tissue Massage but in fact, there are a number of areas where they differ. This Massage Therapy technique uses strokes to cross fibers in the tissue and it is thought to help with lymph nodes and blood circulation. It also is thought to improve joint movement and remove toxins from the muscle tissue. It was developed by a Canadian woman named Therese Pfrimmer, who believes that it aided her recovery from paralysis. Trained Massage Therapists in Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy may help people with conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ALS, fibrositis, stokes, Parkinson’s, as well as those with chronic migraines and headaches. Deep Tissue Massage can be ideal for clients who experience issues in certain areas or the total body whereas Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy is restorative for people with more serious health conditions.

Sports Massage

Sports Massage is a technique that involved passive and active stretching with the help of your massage therapist. It focuses on the soft tissue, and pain, and injuries related to sports injuries. It often happens before or after an athletic event. Sports Massage is a perfect choice for weightlifters, high level athletes, as well as weekend warriors.

Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports Massage helps to increase joint range of motion and flexibility. It is known to alleviate muscle spasms due to sports-related injuries.

Who Is a Prime Candidate For Sports Massage?

  • Athletes who are looking to increase their flexibility and stamina before a game or event.

  • Athletes who have finished an event who need help decreasing muscle tension, muscle spasms, or muscle soreness and fatigue.

  • Men who want better sleep and a better sense of well-being.

  • Men who want to decrease our neurological excitability and be more relaxed physically.

What Should You Expect at Your Sports Massage Appointment?

Before the start of a Sports massage, you need to communicate what areas you would like your Massage Therapist to focus on that may be sore or fatigued. Please disclose any past injuries, and if you are currently on any medications during the consultation. In your first session, your Massage Therapist will evaluate your flexibility, posture, pain areas, and range of motion. Most Sports Massage appointments last 60 or 90 minutes, as any more might make you feel too sore to work out or continue in your athletic pursuits. It’s also important to stay hydrated before and after you go into a Sports Massage or Deep Tissue Massage, so it is imperative to drink water.

The Massage Therapist will concentrate on the soft tissue around your past injuries or sport and athletic-related soreness. They will use kneading, which is a technique that helps to alleviate pain points and increase circulation, and hacking which is a technique that enhances circulation and muscle blood flow. This helps to alleviate ongoing strain and muscle tightness as well as any scar tissue that may have been built up.


Men’s massage is an important factor for the relief of pain in the neck, shoulders, back and legs as well as for enhanced relaxation of the body and mind. Also, athletes benefit from massage while being able to excel without experiencing painful limitations.

Swedish Massage is a relaxation-based massage that utilizes light kneading techniques as well as long massage strokes in the direction that the blood flows (towards the heart). Swedish Massages are the perfect choice for men who have the desire to rest and relax the body as well as the mind.

Deep Tissue Massage is for men who suffer chronic pain. Generally, clients who present for a Deep Tissue Massage suffer from pain in the lower back, neck, shoulders, or legs. Overuse injuries, such as bicipital tendonitis (tennis elbow) for example, can often be assisted with a Deep Tissue Massage.

The Pfrimmer Deep Tissue Massage technique uses strokes to cross fibers in the tissue and it is thought to help with lymph nodes and blood circulation. It also is thought to improve joint movement and remove toxins from the muscle tissue. It is different than regular Deep Tissue Massage and can help people with conditions such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ALS, fibrositis, stokes, Parkinson’s, as well as those with chronic migraines and headaches.

Sports Massage is perfect for high level athletes, athletes who want to prepare for an event or for athletes who suffer from muscle soreness and fatigue post event. Sports Massage is also very important for weekend warriors in order to maintain a healthy body. Sports Massage utilizes kneading which is a technique that helps to alleviate pain points and improve circulation. In addition, this massage also involves hacking which is a technique that enhances circulation and muscle blood flow.

Water consumption is a key to post massage work. Maintaining body hydration is a key element to overall health in general.

Massages can also be tailored based on client needs as well as information that is discussed in the consultation. Remember, communication is key in order to receive the type of massage that you desire and the massage that is best for the body as well as the mind.

Deciding Which Massage To Reserve

Hopefully, this article gave some background on what each massage style can provide and whom it helps. When deciding which massage reserve, speak to a Massage Therapist about what you’re looking for in terms of pain management, injury alleviation, or general relaxation. Scheduling a reservation at a facility that you know, and trust will be a generally nice and relaxing experience from the moment you walk into the moment you leave. At Men's Den, Inc. we have a Certified Massage Therapist that specifically specializes in Swedish Massage, Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage as well as Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy. So, whatever your goals are for your physical health and mental relaxation, we can customize your massage to those needs. Contact Men’s Den, Inc. today and discover which massage style and technique will assist the most. You should not have to live in a constant state of pain or stress.

About the Author:

Kate a graduate of Alexandria School of Scientific Therapeutics. She offers Swedish Massage which can be helpful with stress reduction and is also trained in Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy, which is helpful in releasing adhesions in the muscles. Kate also is trained in Sports Massage as well as Deep Tissue. She decided to pursue Massage Therapy after a car accident in 2018. Through successful massage therapy treatments, she was able to recover more quickly. She hopes to help others in the same way she was helped through Massage Therapy.

Kate is happy to be a member of the team at Men's Den, Inc. and is looking forward to meeting and helping all of you!


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